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What are biscotti?

The word biscotti originates from the Latin biscoctus, which means ‘twice cooked’.  That’s because to make biscotti, they are first baked as a long log or loaf, then sliced and baked again to achieve their characteristic crunch.

In Italy, any type of crunchy cookie or cracker is generally called biscotti, while this specific type is called cantucci or cantuccini (a smaller version), or tozzetti, depending on what region you are in.  Traditional cantucci of Tuscany are made with almonds, while tozzetti of Lazio or Umbria are more likely to have hazelnuts.

Biscotti is actually plural.  You can eat many biscotti, or just one biscotto...though we don’t know why you’d want to!

What’s in your biscotti?

All good stuff!  We use real ingredients like you would have in your own kitchen...flour, sugar, eggs, nuts, lemons and oranges, dried fruits and organic extracts .  Our recipes are traditional Italian style with no added butter or oil.  All of our biscotti are dairy-free and soy-free.


Are they supposed to be this hard?

The biscotti are intended to be quite hard, and for many people they are best enjoyed dunked.  The recipes are traditional Italian style and do not contain any added fats (butter or oil) as some American-style recipes do.  Over the course of both bakes, almost all the moisture is removed from them which creates their signature crunch and helps them last.

The Italian tradition is to dip almond biscotti in a glass of Vin Santo, a sweet dessert wine.  But we won’t tell if you’d prefer to dunk in coffee, tea, or a glass of milk.

Can I send a gift?

Yes, biscotti make excellent gifts, I’ve been giving them as Christmas presents for years.

To send a gift, check the box next to ‘Is this a gift?’ on the Shopping Cart page.  You can add the recipient’s name, your name and a message.  The message will be printed on the packing slip.


Where are you located?

We bake in a commercial kitchen in Norwalk, CT. It is not a storefront for customers to come to, but if you want to say hi, you can also find us at Farmers Markets in Old Greenwich, CT and Trumbull, CT this summer!


I have another question!

What did we miss?  We’d love to help you!  Please send an email with your question to