The End of the Road - Good Bye

About Danielle

I grew up baking with my Grandma.  I love this picture of her teaching 2-year-old me how to use a rolling pin.  She let us sift the flour and play with our own pieces of dough.  We told her so many times that she should open a bakery, but she would just laugh.

Grandma would bake anything, for any occasion. If you casually mentioned brownies, or scones, or yellow cake with chocolate frosting, it would be there next time you visited.  But she got really serious at Christmas Cookie time.  She was still working in her 70s, but every December she would take a week off from work just to bake cookies.  One of the last years we counted, she had made 17 different kinds of cookies, and each of her recipes made well over 100, so we're talking thousands of cookies.

I wish I could say these were all Grandma's recipes.