No Longer Taking Online Orders

Happy New Year!

Well, this has been quite a year! Twelve months ago, I never would have guessed that I would lose my job, and then start my own business. That I would learn so much about shipping and inventory and bookkeeping. That I would be buying flour and cocoa in 25 pound bags, and sugar in 50 pounds. That maybe a 20 quart mixer isn’t big enough. Or that I would seriously up my Christmas baking from about 600 biscotti in my home kitchen last year to over 5000 biscotti in a commercial kitchen this year!

Biscotti Road Ornament on tree

Thank you to everyone who has believed in Biscotti Road and supported me this year. Thank you for your orders, for liking my posts and sharing my links, for visiting me at the farmers market. for telling your friends, for your patience when the post office didn’t get things there on time, for your ideas and requests and suggestions. Special thanks to my family, who has helped in the kitchen and spreading the word and taste-testing all of my recipes. I couldn’t do it without you. 💕 Extra-special thanks to my husband, for being my right-hand, my support, a rational voice when I was losing my mind, and for carrying all the heavy boxes…I love you! ❤️ Go Team Biscotti Road!!

Now what comes next in 2021? A couple of more seasonal flavors for sure. Maybe subscriptions or a Biscotti of the Month Club? More coffee shops? More farmers markets? My own kitchen? Can’t wait to see where Biscotti Road will go!!

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